Whether you are growing your hair or not it is important to keep up with regular haircuts. We recommend every 6-10 weeks depending on hair type and condition. On average your hair grows half an inch over 4 weeks, some people may be a bit quicker or slower.  The fact is having your haircut on a regular basis prevents broken, splitting ends to travel up the hair causing more damage and making hair appear shorter. The longest part of your hair is the oldest and has taken the brunt of any chemical or heat damage we have put it through. Leaving these fragile ends makes hair appear thin and wispy.

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Benefits of Regular Hair cuts

Healthier hair

When our hair is healthier it looks good and is easier for you to manage. Styling our hair and making it look nice won’t be half as much work if we look after our hair.

Split ends

Split ends are caused by damaging the hair with heat, sun, sea and chemicals. To avoid split ends protect your hair with the right products e.g heat protection, clarifying shampoos, home/salon treatments and regular trims.

Thicker hair

Cutting off those wispy ends will make your hair look thicker. Believe it or not thicker hair has the apperance of looking longer.

Maintains the style and shape

Our hair is our biggest accessory, if it doesn’t look right we don’t feel right. It can give us confidence and self belief when our hair is looking it’s best .

Other factors to consider to keep your hair looking it’s best

Shampoo, conditioners and treatments are important and they will make your hair look shinier and glossier. Sulphate and parabin free products are the best and they won’t dry your hair out like supermarket brands.


Listen to your stylist and what they recommend, they are there to help you achieve your goals. Purchase salon styling products to achieve that salon look, rather than taking  a chance with the many products on the supermarket shelf. Let you stylist prescribe you the products that are right for your hair.

The Importance of Regular Haircuts