Changing your colour from dark to light is not as straight forward as you may think. It takes time and patience. At Arena we see it as more of a journey and not a quick change, we also only use colours and products which are kind to your hair and do not contain ammonia. This is the only way to create an amazing look whilst ensuring your hair stays healthy.

We thought we would show you how one of our clients, Tiri, went from her naturally dark locks to ice blonde queen after 3 visits to ARENA earlier this year..

Visit 1 – JAN 2018

In her first visit Tiri had a “Monroe”. Followed by half way babylights and a complete refresh in one visit by Layla. This is the type of visit where you will need to bring your packed lunch! Tiri was in the chair for 5 hours receiving her Monroe, a full head lightening service and babylights. With every treatment, Olaplex was used to ensure Tiri’s hair maintained it healthy look and stayed conditioned.

VISIT 2 – MARCH 2018

Tiri had a full head of baby lights, free-handing the bits left in between with a root fade and followed by complete babylights. Chelsea used the new Kevin Murphy wand around the front and top and used beige ice and soft violet all over for 15 mins as the toner. Olaplex…

VISIT 3 – MAY 2018

Tiri had another full head of babylights, again free-handing the bits left in between with a root. Again, Tiri’s hair was toned with beige ice and violet. Olaplex…

Using quality products to keep you look is so important. Tiri uses the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel range to repair her hair and keep the blonde looking vibrant. On her first visit to ARENA Layla told Tiri it was going to be a journey and would take about a year to get the look she wanted. Tiri took Layla’s advice and her patience has really paid off.  She has exactly what she wants and her hair is still in great condition, it was certainly worth the wait!

from dark to light
Patience is key!….

ARENA are huge advocates for HEALTHY HAIR!

You may wonder why sometimes our services seem to take a little longer than other salons? It’s because ARENA only work with products that are kind to your hair!

Our colours by KEVIN.MURPHY do not contain ammonia so therefore need to left on for longer……But don’t worry we will look after you and even bring you tea and biscuits!

Finding a salon and stylists that understand your hair and what you want to achieve and then sticking with them is so important. Even though Tiri’s final look was created by visits to separate stylists, Chelsea knew what Layla had done in her firsts visits so this made her colour choice even better as she knew the exact history of Tiri’s hair.

At Arena Creative Hair we are dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends and styles. Our team of stylists include experts in cutting and colouring and are waiting to make you feel fabulous. Make sure you book into our Plymouth salon or our salon at China Fleet, Saltash.