Some of the most beautiful and iconic stars have grey hair. Helen Mirren and Jamie Lee Fox are both experts in rocking the grey look. Letting hair go grey would once have been unthinkable for women of a certain age, but silver has finally become stylish and more and more men and women are choosing to embrace it.

At ARENA we think everyone can pull off the natural grey look. Grey hair is pretty much inevitable, it comes to us all in the end. Personally we think grey hair is beautiful and there are some awesome ways to rock grey with style and confidence. So here are a few tips on how to make the most of those silver locks.

Choosing the right colour


Lack of pigment means grey hair is less reflective so it can look dull and lifeless, so having some colour to enhance the grey look is essential.

If you colour your hair, the transition to grey can take a few attempts and a bit of patience. You don’t have to go cold turkey. I would suggest some really fine, almost silvery high lights and to use a toner to really knock out any warm tones and repeat the process until regrowth is unnoticeable or all the colour has been cut out.

Ashy, pearl semi’s and toners will keep your colour looking fresh. Glossing services will also help improve the shine of your hair.

If you decide you want to add colour try to use ashy tones to prevent it being really noticeable, you want it to really blend in with your natural colour. Don’t choose beige or tawny colours. They make your skin tone look muddy next to grey hair.

If you really want to rock it then there is always the option of contrasting colours, go for shades like apricot, peach, violet and rose.



Greying hair is often dehydrated. As we age, we don’t retain moisture as well, so hair is more likely to appear frizzy. Regular treatments will help to improve this and make your hair easy to manage. ARENA’s Ultimate Treatment is a great way to give your hair a major boost and you will leave feeling like a million dollars!

Products and tools


Using the right products and tools is important. Hydrating shampoo and conditioners will give your hair life and shine. Also silver shampoos are great at keeping the colour looking fresh after you have left the salon. We recommend the Evo Fabuloso Takeaway Pigment Conditioner for this. It’s the perfect way to keep on top of your colour after you have left the salon. Ask our team for more information on this when you visit.

Grey hair is porous so can easily absorb products and pollution, therefore leaving hair with yellowy tones. Cleansing shampoo once a week will help this. Blonde Angel shampoo and treatment  rinse, are brilliant for keeping those warm tones at bay. Will leave hair shiny softer and more manageable.

Styling products such as oils and smoothing products are great for giving the hair a healthy texture when blow-drying.

A finishing style cream will tame those flyaway frizzy bits and is a must for everyone, not just those rocking their grey!

Having the right hair dryer and brush will help a lot to achieve your hairstyle. Ask your stylist for advice when you’re in next.

We also have a range of products to help your style your hair. Click here to use the Kevin Murphy Matchmaker to find out exactly what hair regime Kevin Murphy recommends for your hair.

Here are two of our customers who have chosen to embrace their grey…..

(Left) – Diane is going from golden blonde to slate grey. We love it, it’s bang on trend! She is growing out her grey gracefully and keeping on top of her colour by taking home an Evo Fabuloso conditioner!

(Right) – Pat walker loyal client always goes a being blonde now has decided to grow out her grey so Chelsea has created this stunning slate grey so when pat grows out her colour you will hardly see the regrowth. Pat will be keeping the warm blonde looking fresh with monthly visits for her ashy toners/refreshes staring from just £20.


At Arena Creative hair we are dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends and styles. Our team of stylists include experts in cutting and colouring and are waiting to make you feel fabulous. Make sure you book into our Plymouth salon or our salon at China Fleet, Saltash.