Embrace Those Natural Curls!

Rumour has it 2018 is going to be the year for embracing those natural curls, and we couldn’t be happier! So it’s OUT with the straighteners and IN with the curl enhancing products! Far less damaging to your hair and just think of all that time you will save! (Not to mention having super awesome curls!)

Everyone’s hair is different and it can take some time to figure out what works best on yours, which products? Blow dry or leave to dry naturally? With a lot of conflicting information out there, here are ARENA’s top 3 biggest mistakes which can lead to the dreaded frizz!..

1. Over drying (Over drying your hair after washing with a dryer or a towel is a one way ticket to frizz central!)

2. Using Serums (Serums are too weightless, heavier products like Kevin Murphy’s KILLER.CURLS and MOTION.LOTION are much better at taming the lengths and controlling those flyaway strays!)

3. Using Sprays & Mousse (These contain alcohol which will only dry your hair out leaving it looking tired and dull.)

At ARENA we love love love natural curls and with half of our stylists having naturally curly hair so you couldn’t be in better hands! We are offering a FREE Curl Consultation to help you find out the best way to tame YOUR hair and embrace those curls!

natural curls

ARENA’s director Lara has given us her daily routine of how she tames her naturally curly hair during a very busy day!




As usual Kevin Murphy has it covered and frizz control products such as KILLER.CURLS, MOTION.LOTION and EASY.RIDER will make your natural curls become your best asset and not your worst enemy! KILLER.CURLS not only helps to define and enhance your curls, it will eliminate frizz and infuse hydration into your precious locks! The key ingredient beingWatermelon Fruit Extract (which also makes it smell amazing!)

Come and see us for a FREE curl consultation in your lunch break and our stylists can let you know exactly what products will help you ROCK those natural curls!

At Arena Creative hair we are dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends and styles. Our team of stylists include experts in cutting and colouring and are waiting to make you feel fabulous. Make sure you book into our Plymouth salon or our salon at China Fleet, Saltash. 

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