What is the Curly Girl Method?

The recent wave of women going back to their natural roots is not only sweeping the internet but sweeping the hair world by storm. Many hair bloggers and women are supporting and adapting the Curly Girl Method, which was first introduced by Lorraine Massey founder and author of The Curly Girl Handbook. ‘The process may be challenging at first but the results are very rewarding’, mentioned a customer who started the process seven months ago.

The Curly Girl Method (CGM) rules out everything that you will have been use to using and doing with your hair up until now. Products that include silicon, using heat, brushes, combs, and anything that messes with your natural hair pattern is a big no no. Eventually the CGM will have you changing your wash method known in the CGM community as ‘co-washing,’ which means that rather than using traditional shampoos that could be drying out your luscious locks, you just stick to conditioner for a super shiney bounce. The CGM will have you adapt these methods to not only suit your hair, but also suit your lifestyle change, as adapting this method you will eventually adapt to using silk scrunchies, hair bonnets and even using a silk pillowcase! That will all aid in the process and transition of your beautiful curly hair.

Say goodbye to frizz and damaged hair as the CGM is so successful at retaining all of the natural oils, as the harsh use of shampoos and heat exposure strips the natural oils. The adapted CGM uses conditioners and oils that are made with natural products that cleanse and keep your curls moisturised.

Here at Arena we support the CGM and we welcome all new and existing customers who are transitioning. Throughout the year we will be watching Chelsea and our very own Salon owner Lara on their ‘transition’ progress journey.

Here is Lara’s first hand account on her Curly Girl Method journey so far

I’ve always battled against my frizzy half curly and half way hair all my life. As a result always end up drying it out.

It takes me twice as long to get smooth hair. After researching the curly girl method I thought do you know what I’m going to go against the super smooth hair and embrace my curls. By doing this, I then hoped my clients would follow in my steps and join the revolution!’

Here at Arena we have had many clients that have enquired about the CGM. As Lara and Chelsea will be transitioning, you will benefit from first hand advice and tips. Not only on the best products to use, but also support as we all know that everybody’s hair is different and the CGM may need to be adapted to suit the individual needs of the client.

‘I’ve now been doing the CGM for eight  weeks now. I’ve adapted the method slightly to suit me. Six days a week I condition my hair using a (co-poo) ‘co washing’ using a shampoo alternative with Kevin Murphy Hydrate Rinse, I use the shampooing technique by gently rubbing my scalp to release any dry skin. I Then condition with the same hydrate rinse. I comb through with my Kevin Murphy comb in the shower. Again as you can read Lara has chosen to use a comb. There are various opinions about not using a comb if you are doing the CGM, however as mentioned previously Lara has adapted the CGM to her own hair needs.

‘I leave the conditioner on to soak in for about five minutes.’ Some women have been known to do housework, cook dinner or even bath the children while the conditioner takes time to treat the hair. Some women also leave the conditioner on for longer, dependant on how much time you have or generally how much time your hair needs it and it is good for your curls!

‘I then rinse for one minute. With Kevin Murphy Hydrate Rinse you don’t have to over rinse, it’s fine to leave a little in the hair. I then brush my soaking wet hair with a bristle brush and ‘part’ my hair into sections. I then scrunch to encourage the curl and absorb the water with my Kevin Murphy Towel’. Most women who confess to doing the CGM use a t.shirt to absorbs the excessive water. A towel is also fine, just be careful to not dry out the hair, a ‘scrunching’ technique is best to do. 

I then apply, ‘Motion Lotion’ and Hair Re-Store spray to soak in for another minute. I then get my towel and scrunch the hair from the end to the root and leave for a few seconds I repeat this three times for every 10 minutes. Once dry I use my fingers to break up the roots, sometimes I use a little Kevin Murphy Easy Ryder. Which is an anti frizz cream which will define the curl and give it shine. Once a week I use a Olaplex treatment and another product called Re.Store from the Kevin Murphy range this has the latest technology in treatments leaving my hair repaired and hydrated.

Since I started the CGM I’ve noticed I don’t need to use as many products  as I usually would. My hair is less frizzy, easier to control and extremely shiny. I’ve not used any heat and allowed my hair to dry naturally. As it’s been cold out I’ve got in the shower first thing giving it more time to dry before I step outside. It’s lovely not to spend half an hour drying my hair or straightening it. When you have kids you just don’t have time for this. The trick is to wet it everyday to reset the curl pattern and give yourself time for the treatments .

The CGM can take up to eighteen months to get the results you are looking for. Although the process takes long and it is a case of trial and error of trying which products work and don’t work for you; and trying to adapt to the CGM that suits you and your hair,  the results will be rewarding.

Lara Wintle Xx