Team ARENA are absolutely loving the latest Kevin Murphy product! SHIMMER.ME BLONDE is every blondes’ dream product!

It’s a revolutionary shine treatment created specifically for highlighted, blonde and grey hair shades.


You may already be familiar with the SHIMMER.SHINE product, and while they have a lot of the same qualities, SHIMMER.ME BLONDE has some specific features just for blonde babes. it is a treatment for you hair with the added benefits of colour control and enhancement too!

It’s subtle purple colour counteracts unwanted yellow and gold tones and it’s packed full of optical brighteners which creates shine and radiance. Perfect for both blond, silver and grey hair.

It is also stocked full of natural ingredients to treat your hair and improve the health of your hair over a longer period of time. The treatment is restorative, replacing moisture in your hair and increasing softness. If you are not a natural blonde then it’s a great way to keep your locks looking super bright whilst restoring some of the goodness that hair dying can take away.



As with all KEVIN URPHY products, all the ingredients are natural and environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Australian fruit extracts – Increases gloss and smoothness.

Babassu Oil – Protects and provides nutrients essential to shine, health and strength.

Bamboo Extract – Restores shine and strength while increasing manageability.

Soy Bean Oil – Softens and smoothes the hair.

With colour enhancers, optical brighteners, and the ability to moisturise and refresh lightened and highlighted shades, SHIMMER.ME BLONDE is the answer to keeping your blonde locks looking hot!!



At Arena Creative hair we are dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends and styles. Our team of stylists include experts in cutting and colouring and are waiting to make you feel fabulous. Make sure you book into our Plymouth salon or our salon at China Fleet, Saltash.

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